The switch axe is a weapon from the Monster Hunter game franchise. It’s a weapon capable of switching form between an axe and a sword. As reference for my axe, I used the game’s basic starter switch axe: the bone switch axe. All rendering was done in Unreal Engine.

Axe Animation


The Switch Axe was rigged and animated in Maya. Effects were added using Unreal Engines particle system. Regarding the desert environments in the video: the mesh was created in Maya and the desert material was made using Substance Designer.


Axe Variations

The Switch axe’s material is a single substance. Multiple materials were created and blended in Substance Designer using masks targeting each materials designated piece on the Switch Axe. The material is procedural and all differences occurring between the variations of switch axes are the results of tweaking the substances parameters, with the exception of the Magma switch axe’s glow. The Magma switch axe uses mask outputs generated in the substance to apply a glow effect in the axe’s material in Unreal Engine. The texture size used in these renders was 2048×2048, however that size could easily be increased or decreased by tweaking substance parameters.



Switch_axe_Desert switch_axe-desert-mapsSwitch_axe_Gold switch_axe-gold-mapsSwitch_axe_Magma switch_axe-magma-maps

Material Exhibition

Procedural materials created using Substance Designer. These are each of the of material components used in the switch axe’s substance.


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