Hair rendered in unreal engine. The hair texture is 4096×4096 pixels and the a hair mesh is 7k triangles large. The modelling process is done in Zbrush and the materials and the rendering is done in Unreal engine. The body mesh in the renders is also my creation. It’s a rough low poly that serves well as a mannequin. Here’s a overview of the method I used for creating hair:

By creating custom Insert mesh brushes I drew polygon strips on a scalp in Zbrush.explenation-1Then using Using Zbrush’s BPR renderpass feature, I rendered out masks of fine fiber mesh hair.explenation-2

The hair geometry was UV mapped in Maya and finally when the polygon strips and masks were finished,  I used the hair masks to create a material in unreal engine using the engines hair material. blond2blonde1

brown2 brown1 blue2 blue1


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